Quality of Life Can Change Instantly

Learning From a Parent's Mistake

Mark Ortiz was a HVAC technician, providing his family with a comfortable middle-class lifestyle. His family’s quality of life changed almost instantly after Mark suffered a stroke and died six months later. Because he couldn’t work during his illness and didn’t own any life insurance, his family found itself in a dire financial situation. His wife, Tiffany, had her own health issues at the time and couldn’t work. Mark’s oldest child, Chezerea, 20, took matters into her own hands by putting off her college and became her family’s sole breadwinner, working long hours at several jobs to cover her family’s basic living needs.

Consider Life Insurance with Living Needs Benefits

Are you and your family financially prepared if you suffer a Critical Illness such as heart attack, stroke, cancer or kidney failure?


Be sure to consider Life Insurance with Living Needs Benefits PLUS Death Benefits in One Simple Solution.