Disability Income Insurance

Your most valuable asset…
isn’t your car, family heirlooms or your home – it’s your ability to earn a lifetime of paychecks that finance you and your family’s lives. Unfortunately, an accident or serious illness can rob you of your work, your income and your financial stability.


What are your chances of being disabled?


Your plan is to work for as long as you want or need a job. But, amazingly, 43 percent of all people age 40 experience a long-term disability before they reach 65.  Do you have a financial plan if you are hurt or ill and can’t work?


Is Social Security an option if you’re disabled and can’t work?  Maybe not. Only 47 percent of Social Security disability applicants are approved.


Even if you are approved, Social Security disability income benefits don’t start for five months. And, your disability must be expected to last at least 12 months or result in death.   The average monthly disability benefit is $894.10.  Would that be enough to pay your bills and your out-of-pocket medical expenses?