Dowd Insurance Agency: Competent and experienced

As competent and experienced insurance agents, our priorities are respectability and reliability when it comes to advising our clients.  We will support you in determining your financial protection needs and help you choose the appropriate solutions.  We are independent in giving such advise as we are not bound to any one insurance provider. 


We have built our mission statement from these four guiding themes:

  • Expertise

We stand in all insurance questions and we can ensure this based on the experience we have gathered over the years.  Plus we take part in relevant continuing education courses regularly.

  • Client Service

Choosing an insurance contract is a very personal matter.  As a reliable partner, we take the time to review the policy terms and conditions so that you fully understand the benefits available for you and your beneficiaries in the event of a claim.

  • Individual and Employer/Employee Benefit Solutions

We offer a full array of individual and employee benefit solutions.  We believe in creating customized insurance packages that offer the best balance of benefits and premium value to the customer.

  • Long Term Partnership

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and attend to their evolving insurance needs over time.